Various Troubleshooting

Stream Avatars and Lagging

Note: #2, #3, #4, and #7 are frequently found to help users that find stream avatars lagging while streaming.

  1. Check your task manager process tab and see how much CPU/GPU Stream avatars is consuming. Also note the total used percentage of your CPU.

  2. Sometimes Windows HAGS setting can cause performance hitches. you can try disabling that.

  3. Try disabling Windows Settings > Gaming > Game Mode

  4. NVIDIA Control Panel: Under Manage 3D Settings: add specific settings for SA, and set the value for: "Background Application Max Frame Rate" to 60fps".

  5. Other applications may be scheduling the CPU processes on your PC. an example of that is "Avast". It has a setting to prioritize foreground applications over background applications.

  6. You can try lowering the framerate of SA in General > Window Settings > Application Framerate. (recommended between 25-60)

  7. If CPU priority is set on foreground applications, it could make SA laggy while you're tabbed into a game. You can try setting foreground and background CPU priority in registry editor. Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\PriorityControl change Win32PriortySeparation to 0

Flickering on taskbar

If you find your stream avatars flickering constantly on the taskbar, it might be caused by General > Window Settings > Lock Resolution. This could be from the monitor not being able to support the resolution you have selected.

OBS - black screen / not capturing

This is likely an issue with 3rd party programs not playing well with OBS/Streamlabs Desktop. Software like Riva-tuner and MSI Afterburner are known problem cases for this. Check out the troubleshooting sections in the How To Overlay section.

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