SA LUA scripting allows you to run commands through an internal API and make changes to SA while it's connected. The LUA scripting is run in a sandbox mode with restrictions on what can be done on your computer. This makes it safe to import other scripts because the only thing that can be impacted negatively is your Stream Avatars data and the application's performance.

If you are looking to quickly add community created scripts, visit the Importing Scripts page.

pageImporting Scripts

Access API Externally

If you are looking for an API that allows another application to interact with your SA, you will have to write your own communications.

Web-sockets and http-get/post are a good way to pass information back and forth between an external application and SA

pageWebsocketspagewebrequest get/post

Alternatively you can write commands into the streaming-platform's chat box and have SA run instructions based off chat messages read through a LUA script.

Start Scripting

Want to start making a script from scratch? Find more information and tricks with the link below.

pageQuick Start

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