API - sends a message to the application to run a specific command

return function()
    --running quietly as true will prevent regular commands from responding in chat.
    --however a commany may still output a response
    --!mass forces all users to run the command jump 
    --**assuming nothing else is controlling the state of avatars.
    --**assuming everyone has access to the jump command / shop restrictions
    runCommand('!mass jump', false); 
    --runCommand('!change clonzeh !jump', false);
    --!change will try to run the command as a different user.
    --runCommand('!jump', false); 
    --by just running jump, it will make the broadcaster's avatar jump.

By issuing runCommand, it will send the command as the streamer/broadcaster.

To send a command as another user, you will need to use the change command:

example: '!change clonzeh !jump'

otherwise, you can find a runCommand within the User class.

In this example, sendQuietly is set to false. (the second paramenter)

This means that command will try not to respond, unless overridden by the command itself.

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