Add A Game-Capture

The recommended way to use Stream Avatars with OBS is with a Game-Capture. In rare cases you might run into situations forcing you to use a Window-Capture which is not ideal. For users on Mac Operating systems, you will need to use a "Window-Capture".
Add a new "Game Capture" source, set it to "Specific Window", and then select "StreamingAvatars.exe". Also check the "Allow Transparency" box.
specific window, streaming avatars, allow transparency
specific window, streaming avatars, allow transparency

Choosing the Layer

To ensure stream avatars is displaying on top of stream sources, you can adjust the order of the sources.
The closer a source is to the top of the list, the higher it's layer value is. Higher layers values appear on top of content below it. Like your primary stream content (Video Games, Work, Art, Webcam).
click and drag from the bottom to the top
stream avatars on top of everything

Window Capture

Stop! Only use window capture if you are on Mac/OSX or your game-capture is not working!
Window capture is not ideal because it does not have an "Allow Transparency" option. The transparency this provides is perfect and requires zero tuning, but if you are unable to use a Game-Capture, this is how it works:
Add a Window Capture source, set the window to Stream Avatars. Right click the source, Click "Filters", and add a "Color Key" filter. You can set the custom color to be anything you want, but Stream Avatar's background must match the color you select. After that you need to tune the "Similarity" and "Smoothness" until it looks good.
select #2
filter options
How to match the Stream Avatars background to the Color Key's color: Navigate to General > Window Settings, and click on the "Background Color" box.
After you're done make sure to adjust the layer of the window capture!

Trouble Shooting

Sometimes OBS has problems displaying the content. There are a lot of systems at play where problems can occur. Here's a checklist to go through if you are having issues.
  • Make sure Stream Avatars is connected and your Avatar is walking around. The UI is designed to be transparent with game-capture's so it can be confusing that it doesn't show up.
  • You might need to make OBS run as administrator. (Or make it not run as administrator)
  • If the capture is not displaying anything, it could be other software interfering with OBS's ability to capture Stream Avatars correctly. Some examples of problematic software are: MSI-Afterburner, Rivatuner, Any software that has an overlay on top of full-screen programs I think the only way to work around this is to close those programs, and make sure your computer doesn't launch these programs on startup. After you do this, restart your Computer and try using OBS again.
  • In some cases you can try to set Stream Avatars, Steam, and OBS to run as ADMIN mode, however there are also cases where this can cause the capture to not work as well.
  • If you are using TWO graphics cards, you may need to use SLI-Crossfire. (This is the case for most laptops because they have a dedicated graphics card and an integrated one too)
  • If none of this seems to work check out this post by OBS:
  • Last resort is to use a "Window Capture"