Viewer Spawning Settings

  1. Which type of viewer is allowed to have an avatar.

  2. Does the viewer need to be actively chatting?

  3. Limit viewers - How many viewers can have an avatar at a given time. (Reduce this number to help with lag)

  4. Despawn timer - How long it takes for an avatar to despawn.

  5. Avatar profile - control which avatars can be used during a session.

Window Settings

  1. Move the application to the monitor you want it to open on by default.

  2. Sets the window resolution.

  3. Sets the window background color (Useful for using Window Capture)

  4. Lock Resolution (When you connect it will always default the window size back to (#2) so your OBS capture never gets altered)

  5. Application Framerate - If you have performance issues, you can try lowering this value.

  6. Scale UI with resolution (this is supposed to help users that have 4k monitors)

  7. Hide mouse (this can help prevent double mouse from appearing on your stream if your stream avatars is on the same monitor as your content)

  8. Connect on startup (as soon as stream avatars launched, it will automatically connect!)

Avatar Settings

This section is for miscellaneous settings for avatars, commands, and customizations.

  1. Extension leaderboard effects - enables rewards for achieving top placement in specific leaderboards (the above image shows the star particles effect flying off the avatar)

  2. Chat bubble settings (when a user types in chat their message is displayed above their avatar) (you can install fonts to make the chat bubble work with other languages too)

  3. Chatting sound settings (when a user types in chat, a sound will play)

  4. Maximum sling power for the command !sling {power} {angle}

  5. Pinned Avatar settings for the command !pin {target} {x%} {y%}

  1. Bomb settings for the command !bomb

  2. Freeze settings for the command !freeze {target} {seconds}

  3. Avatar emote popups occur during minigames (example: boss fight avatars will emote based on what's happening. It looks similar to a chat bubble)

  4. Avatar despawn explosion (when enabled, rather that fading out, avatars will explode when they are being removed from the scene)

  5. Fart settings for the command !fart or !mass fart

  1. Attack settings for the command !attack {target}

  2. Hug settings for the command !hug {target}

  3. Dance settings for the command !dance


  1. Follow event (occurs when a viewer follows your channel)

  2. Platform donation event (occurs when a viewer donates real virtual currency)

  1. Subscribe event (this occurs when a viewer subscribes(paid))

(twitch has multiple subscription tiers (1x, 2x, 3x)

Data Settings

  1. Steam cloud save settings

  2. First time install setup wizard

  3. Default avatar - can also be found on the workshop: block man

  4. Mute all chat outputs - prevents your bot from sending any messages into chat (recommended to have this disabled)

  5. Platform mods are bot mods - allows your moderators to automatically have access to moderator commands in SA.

  6. Cleaning up old user data (useful for keeping startup times short and saving becomes less expensive)

  7. Import Data is a debugging tool for helping the developer quickly switch SA data with another user's when provided.

  8. Deletes everything in your data folder and starts SA fresh out of the box.

Viewer Extension Panel

  1. Enables communication with the SA server and uploads your content when you connect. (this allows the extension to function - if you want unlimited avatar space you will need to disable this)

  2. SA Patreon - Support the developer and also gain bonus upload space with the SA Extension Server.

  3. A quick link to the twitch extension (panel/component) install page.

  4. Extension Link Settings - !extension

    • Extension link - a popout link for your viewers.

    • Announce link - periodically pastes the link in your chatroom.

    • Announce timer - how frequently the link is pasted.

  5. Extension text display settings.

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