Deleting Avatars, Palettes/Colors, and Gear

How to delete avatars, colors, and gear sets or gear piece items.

Deleting multiple avatars

Deleting an avatar pack allows you to delete entire packages that you downloaded from the workshop.
Navigate to Steam Workshop > Removal Page, select the package and hit "Delete Package".

Deleting one avatar at a time

Navigate to Avatars & Gear > Select the avatar you want to delete > click the option button > click delete.

Deleting one gear piece or gear set at a time

Navigate to Avatars & Gear > Select an avatar that can wear the gear set > select the gear piece > click the option button > click delete.
#1 select avatar, #2 make sure avatar can wear the gear, #3 select the gear, #4 click option button and then click delete.

Deleting multiple avatars or gear

  1. 1.
    Click the folder icon on the top right to open up the data folder. Look for the avatars and gear folders.
  2. 2.
    If you delete image(s) inside these folders, make sure to click the "Save and Reload" button on the top right of SA.
  3. 3.
    Finally, click the error button and click "Delete All" to delete data that is missing associated image(s).
Click the "open folder" button
Don't forget to visit the error panel (#2) after you delete any images from the data folder!
delete png images from these folders that you don't want anymore
#1 click save, #2 click error panel
Delete all data associated with missing images.

Deleting color palettes on an avatar

Navigate to Avatar and Gear > select an avatar > click palette editor > select a palette > click the option button > click delete.
#1 select the color palette you want to delete, #2 click the option button
#1 delete

Deleting everything and starting over

To factory reset your stream avatars, navigate to General > Data Settings > and click "Factory Reset"
This will delete all of your settings, not just your custom content.