Creating Avatars

Adding your own content - How to create your own avatar sprite-sheet

Tutorial Video

Avatar Creation Guidelines / Rules

  • .png file format

  • each frame has the same dimensions

  • characters face right

  • first 5 rows are preset: idle, run, sit, stand, jump

  • after 5 rows are custom animations

  • you can override certain animations with custom animations by naming them respectively.

  • frame sizes under 100x100 pixels are more efficient and higher quality.

Override Avatar Animations

  • attack

  • fart

  • dance

  • bomb

  • spawn

  • death

  • despawn

  • damaged

  • hug

  • sit_loop

  • fall

  • land

Sprite-sheet format

Locate the Avatar Folder

Once you've found the folder, put your png file inside the avatars folder.

Apply Avatar Settings

Set the width and height of your avatar. (single frame dimensions from the sprite-sheet)

Click Apply once you set the dimensions. (clicking apply will reset the avatar and potentially lose animation and gear positioning data.

Avatar and Gear Settings

You can find more information and explanations for all of the settings in Avatar and Gear with the link below.

pageAvatars And Gear

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