Shop Editing

How to configure your shop

When you enter the shop editing section, you will find various categories of things that can be put on the shop.

Shop Restrictions

With the default settings, anyone is able to use any particular item. When you check things off and set a cost, the item becomes more exclusive.

However, if you change the condition from "AND" to "OR" you can make items require either a cost or any particular status.

If an item is marked for moderator or gift, it will be visible in the extension panel because these items are extremely exclusive and cannot be obtained unless the streamer manually gives access to it.

Example: The following item requires users to pay 50 currency AND also be following AND subscribing to your channel.

Example: The following item requires users to pay 25 currency. However, if they are subscribing, they can use it for free because the condition is marked as "OR"

Only allow specific people to use an item

If you want to restrict access to a specific item to specific people, you can use the "gift" checkbox. This makes items unavailable for purchase, but people can still own it.

Once you mark an item as "Gift" only, you can use the !gift command to enable specific users to have it.

Currency / Gold Settings

To adjust currency settings, navigate to Shop Editing > and click Currency Settings.

If you want items to be difficult to obtain, you should increase the income timer and keep the income amounts as low as possible.

If you want users to be forced to participate in minigames to get items, you can mark all items as "gift only" and then create loot boxes that give items as rewards for minigames.

  1. Currency integration type. default is "Stream Avatars" and is called gold, however if you use another chat-bot program to manage currency, you can select from the available options here.

  2. Streamer Owns All Items. When you enable this, you cannot test the extension shop settings with your main account because you already own all of the items!

  3. Income - A regular viewer will have the first amount. A follower will receive, and a subscriber will receive the one after that. They are not additive!

  4. Income Timer - How long it takes for the income amounts to be doled out to your viewers while the app is connected.

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