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Settings found in the nametag section

  1. Creating custom nametags. Visit the Content Creation documentation for nametags.

  2. The group of settings related to nametags.

  3. Hide on stack height - if nametags collide with each other, one will be chosen to rise up. This setting determines how high the nametags can stack up before they go invisible / disappear. Look at the image below for a visualize of this setting.

  4. Set the percentage of the distance between each row. 0% makes all nametags overlap. 100% is the default spacing between nametag rows.

  5. Fade out on hide - determines whether the nametag disappears over time or instantly turns invisible.

  6. Hide on inactivity - if a user has not typed into chat for a while, their nametag will hide.

  7. Inactivity timeout - how many seconds before a user's nametag becomes "inactive" and goes invisible.

  8. Collides with avatars - nametags normally only collide with each other, but when this is enabled, nametags will also collide with the hitboxes of the avatars, causing them to stack higher.

  9. Nametag Sorting - determines the graphical sorting order of nametags. Behind avatars, After avatars, or Foreground.

  10. Maximum name length - determines the maximum length a user's name can display on a nametag. example: "clonzeh" is 7 characters long.

If you are interested in customizing your own nametags, please visit this article instead.

Creating Nametags

Nametag stack height

In the image below, the nametag stack height is set to: 2. This means any nametags that rise to row #3 will become invisible / disappear until they move to a space where it can fall back to the stack height limit.

Adjusting Nametag height position on an avatar

If your avatar has a nametag in an undesirable position, you can adjust the avatar's collision box by doing the following:

Navigate to Avatar and Gear > select your avatar > click "Collision Box"

Here you can adjust the horizontal and vertical position of the nametag by click-dragging the handles on the red box outline.

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