Importing Sound Files

To import a sound file, first you need the file type to be ".ogg". If you want to use another file type like ".mp3" or ".wav" you will need to use an audio format converter. You can easily find browser based audio converters by googling for it, they're quick and easy to use!

After converting your file to the correct format, click the "Import Sound" button. It will ask you to name the sound file.

The name might be important incase you want people in chat to have the ability to play the sound with the !sound command.

Sound Settings

  1. Remove or Edit the sound name.

  2. Allows randomizing of the pitch and volume sliders. (the bottom slider will appear and be considered the "MAX" range, while the top slider will be the "MIN" range. Make sure the max range is larger than the min range.

  3. Allows the sound to be played from a chat command. ie: !play test_sound_one

  4. Pitch - A higher pitch plays faster and squeakier , A lower pitch players slower and with more bass.

  5. The volume level the sound will play at.

  6. Global cooldown only matters if being played from the !play command. It affects all users.

  7. User cooldown only matters if being played from the !play command. It affects only command calling user.

Overriding Default Sounds

Throughout the application you can find sound overrides.

In this example you can see different sound overrides for the Duel minigame.

  • "Challenge" is when the duel is first requested.

  • "Game loop" is looped the whole time the duel is happening.

  • "Victory Sound" happens when the duel is over.

Some overrides have a default sound that the application has internally. You can override this value by switching it from "default" to whichever sound you want.

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