The extension panel for SA is a graphics interface for viewers to customize their avatar and run commands or animations with their avatar silently by clicking buttons rather than typing in chat.

This is an accessibility addon that is highly recommended but completely optional, it's good for exploring options related to avatars and keeping your chatroom quiet from command spam.

How to Install

By default, SA will have your extension enabled.

Twitch has a channel add-on which allows you to embed the extension directly onto the page.

For other platforms (Trovo, Facebook, Dlive, Youtube, Glimesh), you may need to use the !extension command in your chatroom (while the app is connected) to receive a link to your channels pop-out extension page. There's also settings below to periodically paste this link into your chat found further down on this page.

If you are streaming to multiple platforms, your extension page will have a unique url per platform. To get the correct extension page for a specific platform, use the chatroom to run the !extension command.

You can also periodically paste the extension link in your chat for your viewers.

How to manage extension settings

Navigate to: General > Viewer Extension Panel

To disable the extension, toggle the "Interactable viewer extension" off.

How to periodically paste the extension link into your chat for your viewers to use:

Extension upload limit

Q: Why do I have a limited amount?

A: The extension server costs money to maintain. To keep the cost minimal there is a maximum amount of upload space for each user.

If you have too many avatars, gear, palettes, or nametags, you may need to disable some, delete some, buy more upload space, or disable the extension entirely to have unlimited space.

Disabling the extension means your viewers will need to rely exclusively on commands for selecting avatars and doing actions.

How to buy more upload

There's a patreon link in the application where you can pay a low amount for a massive increase of upload space. Make sure to link your account with Stream Avatars in the application to gain the benefits.

Alternatively, you can buy the DLC for extra upload on steam for a permanent increase, however it is not as much upload space.

Disable Avatars Many Avatars Quickly

Q: How to disable avatars between each stream:

A: Create an avatar profile. This allows you to keep your avatars but temporarily disable them.

Organizing Extension Selection Items

You can set the order that your avatars, gear, colors, and nametags appear in the extension by doing the following.

  1. Visit the editing area for the item you wish to sort.

  2. Example: to edit avatar order, visit Avatar and Gear > Click the option button beside the avatar selection > Click Sorting.

Re-order the avatars by entering a number on each one individually. (It will shift other avatars index-order to accommodate for the newly inserted avatar's index)

Trouble-shooting problems

If a viewer is saying their extension page never loads, check the following:

  • The extension server might be having problems and will be back online shortly.

  • The Stream Avatars application must be open and connected on the streamer's computer!

  • Is their avatar currently spawned in the application? It needs to be. Check your spawn settings in General > Viewer Spawning.

  • Make sure the extension is enabled! You can find the setting for that here: Extension Settings.

  • If their Avatar is still not spawning, the viewer might have accidentally entered lurk mode with a chat command. Type it again to toggle lurk mode.

  • Make sure the viewer's computer clock is automatically synced, sometimes the out of sync causes issues with the authorization process. (image below)

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